HDR Expresso Bike

Mål: L x B x H, cm.: 182,8 x 71,1 x 127
Produktvægt, kg.: 111,1

23" HD Display
Bigger is better. Especially when you can back it into less floor space. This EnergyStar
certified, state-of-the-art, LED Backlit LCD monitor from HP delivers stunning graphics that bring workouts to life.

Giada Foundation
Giada is a world leader in gaming computers. The bullet-proof base unit in Expresso HD is manufactured to withstand the harshest environments imaginable while delivering spectacular graphics and monstrous processing power.

Motion Control Handlebars
Outdoor bikes have handlebars that can turn and shift. Cardio bikes should too! Expresso HD Motion Control Handlebars steer and shift just like an outdoor bike, engaging your upper body and your mind throughout your workout.

Active Resistance
Feel the terrain as you ride. With Active Resistance, pedal intensity changes as you climb or descend. Shift through 30 gears, just like a road bike, for fine grained control of your workout.

My Expresso
My Expresso is your online portal that keeps you motivated and working towards improving your health and overall fitness. Sign in to track your ride history and stats over your entire career on your Expresso Bike! With My Expresso you can connect to MyFitnessPal, Humana Vitality and other third party apps for added training tactics.

Whether you are an elite cyclist or a first time exerciser, you will love the fun competitive options on your Expresso Bike. Find what motivates you. Track self improvements or take on the world. Achieve your goals and then bring on the next challenge.


  • Power: 100-220 V AC 50/60 Hz
  • Adjustable Seat: 32 possible positions, exceptionel lumbar support, walk through design
  • Steering: Turn handlebars to steer while riding
  • Resistance: 30 Gears, Automatically adjusts to the grade on the screen
  • Connectivity: Wirelesss: WIFI 802.11n+, Wired: Gigabite LAN+
  • Road: 43 different tours from 1 to 20 miles*, Adjustable Pacer, Group Rides, Ghost Riders*, Challenges and Leaderboards*
  • Dragon Fit: 9 maps to play*, 243 time and discipline combinations to master*, Challenges and Leaderboards

* Avalibel for connected bikes with eLive