FR-E520 FluidRower

16 Level Patented Variable Fluid Resistance (VFR), to suit ANY fitness level.
Direct Drive System.

Interactive Performance Monitor (IPM) with USB port: The IPM dispelays: time, speed, distance, stoke, rate, calories per hour, watts, 16 level adjustment pacer. The IPM gives you quik start, manual programs, interval training. USB port allows interactive programming. Fitted with Heart Rate receiver as standard & compatible with all main HR belts.

Height Adjustable footplates with Advance Heel Cradle footboard design and straps to ensure optimal foot placement and comfortable rowing position. Rigid frame construction for maximum stability. Rubber feet for adhesion to floor surfaces and to prevent damage.

Seat at “office chair” height for ease of entry and exit.
Optinal back support.

Deluxe Ergonomic handle allows comfortable grip and minimized strain on forearms, writs and hands.

Extended transport wheels for ease of movement. Air Glide low friction seat rollers, concealed for cleaner, safer, and smoother ride. Tough hardened dual anodised aluminum seat rails.