HERA-8000I Løbebånd

Mål: H x B x L, cm.: 146 x 93,4 x 221
Løbeflade, B x L, cm.: 53 x160
Max. brugervægt, kg. : 180
Max. hastighed, km/t.: 20
Max. elevation, grader: 16
Motor, HK: AC 3HP

HERA-8000I is a pratical treadmill with new wide 23”Led TV(FHD) console on exsiting body frame og HERA-7000.

It is user friendly treadmill with UDB Video display, Bluetooth Wireless headphone set function (option) wich enable convenient listning music and watching TV. Also Aotu Stop Function maximized safety that automatically stops operation when treadmill sensors nobody is on treadmill.


• 23” wide LED TV Panel (up to full HD Resolution)
• Strong and solid body frame with New Wide LED TV Console
• Semipermanent Soft Touch Button
• Strong and Solid Double Frame Stucture by Aluminium (outer) and Steel (Inner) and
   high durability with nickel plated bolts
• More Silent and less Vibration with Specail Shock-Absorbing Rubber(Patented)
• Optimized cardiovascular workout by automatic control programs
• Loxurious design by beautiful curved line
• USB Inlet (Video, Image, Music etc.)
• Wireless Heart Rate Monitoring System
• Auto Stop(Treadmill automatically stops when nobody is using)/Option
• Convenient Exercise Workout by Bluetooth System (option)