RS-80 Crosstræner

Mål: H x B x L, cm.: 167 x 90 x 163
Svinghjul, kg.: 22
Produktvægt, kg.: 133

Max brugervægt, kg.:  130

Train like a professional without leaving home. The elliptical with variable stride RS offers great benefits that will make you enjoy and achieve the maximum performance while training. Without a doubt, with this machine you can practice one of the most complete exercises. Besides, this type of exercise is extremely effective for your legs and gluteus. 


  • Its reinforced structure provides great stability even when working at an intense pace.
  • It has got multiple adjustments to regulate the workout position according to the needs of each user.

  • Train with total security. The pedals, extremely wide and non-slip ensure a safe support. Besides, the RS-80 variable stride elliptical features a patented "CushionPad" shock absorption system that prevents harmful impacts in the joints during exercise.
  • It has got control keys (5 positions) to automatically modify the stride of the exercise according to the goals you want to achieve. 
  • The magnetic brake system offers a high quality to the exercise and allows a smooth and totally silent work. Besides, this system does not require maintenance as there is no friction and, therefore, no wear.

  • This model has an inertia flywheel equivalent to 22 kg that generates a smooth and fluid movement.

  • The arms incorporate adjustment keys to increase or decrease resistance (16 levels) without having to change the position and with total safety. These keys enable to make the adjustment in a more comfortable and safe way, especially when the exercise is being carried out at high intensity. However, the resistance setting can be also made by using the keys on the monitor.

  • The different grip points allow you to change your workout positions and achieve a more effective and intense work according to your goals.
  • The pulse measurement is performed by contact sensors incorporated in the handlebars for a comfortable and immediate reading of the pulsations during the exercise.

  • The monitor has a wireless capture system (radio frequency at 5kHz) to comfortably control the pulsations in high intensity exercises. The transmitter belt is optional and not included.

  • Monitor with a backlit LCD screen that provides constant information of the basic indicators of the exercise: Time, Speed, Distance, Calories and Pulse.
  • The monitor is adjustable for easy reading.

  • The monitor is very easy to use and allows multiple working options. The user can work in Manual mode or access one of the 12 Preset Programs by choosing the training profile and the work intensity that you want to perform (16 intensity levels). There is also the User Program option to design your own training program (up to 4 customizable programs). Other options on the monitor are the 4 HRC programs (heart rate control) that automatically control exercise intensity and maintain effort within the selected limits, the WATT program (constant watts) designed for specific workouts to maintain a constant effort regardless of the RPM, ideal for rehabilitation exercises and the RECOVERY TEST (test to control the physical level of the user).

  • The monitor has also got a support for tablet or mobile device and USB port to recharge your devices during exercise.

  • Given the importance of maintaining good hydration during exercise, the bicycle is fitted with a bottle holder.

  • Stabilizers in the base to adjust the machine to the irregularities of the ground offering a total stability. 
  • Built-in wheels in the base facilitate movement of the machine.